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Visa for Canada


Which Travel Authorization (eTA or ESTA) to choose?

If you are going to North America soon, you will need travel documents. With all these standards and regulations, it is not easy to see clearly. Application for a visa or travel authorization (eTA or ESTA)? We explain everything to you in this article.

For a stay of less than 6 months in Canada : You can carry out the formalities for entering Canada directly via the Internet by clicking on the online form. It is not necessary to obtain an appointment at the Canadian embassy or consulate.

eTA and ESTA, presentation of these two travel authorizations


ESTA is the acronym for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is a travel authorization, set up by the US government, for people wishing to travel to the United States by air or sea. This authorization replaces a tourist visa for travelers coming from a member country of the Visa Waiver Program (visa exemption program).

To apply, you must meet several criteria:

How to get your ESTA?

The process to obtain an ESTA authorization takes place exclusively online, on the US government website or through the services of a private service provider.

You will be asked to complete an online form for your ESTA application. This ESTA form mainly concerns your identity, your life and your travel document: name (maiden name or married name depending on your passport), first name, date and place of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiry, contact details, criminal and medical history, previous stays abroad, etc. Once your ESTA form has been completed, you must enter a payment card to pay the processing fees for your ESTA application.

An ESTA is valid for 2 years, within the limit of the validity date of your passport.

So, if you want to visit the United States of America under these conditions, between AVE and ESTA, you must choose ESTA.


eTA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. For English speakers, this authorization is known by the acronym ETA for Electronic Travel Authorization. Know that these two names refer to exactly the same thing.

The eTA is a necessary authorization to be able to enter Canadian territory, but only by plane. An eTA is therefore not necessary in the event of arrival by boat, even on a cruise liner.

The AVE is for nationals of the 61 countries that are part of the Canadian Visa Waiver Program. Having a valid biometric passport or electronic passport is mandatory to be able to apply. The maximum duration of your stay must be 6 months.

How to get your eTA?

To apply for an eTA , you must complete an online form and pay the required fees. To do this, you can either go to the official Canadian government website or use the services of a private service provider. Opting for a private site allows you to benefit from personalized assistance and therefore reduces the risk of refusal.

An eTA is valid for 5 years, up to the expiry date of your passport. If you want to visit Canada, between eTA and ESTA, you must choose eTA.

ESTA and ETA, the similarities

As you may have noticed, there are many similarities between an eTA authorization and an ESTA; the Canadian eTA having been copied from the model of the American ESTA.

ESTA and eTA, the differences

You now know the basics of these two travel authorizations. All you have to do is choose your destination. Have a good trip !