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Visa for Canada


What is the price of the Canada eTA?

Canada is a dream destination for millions of people every year. Perfect for holidays with family, friends, couples or even alone, it is now possible to get there easily thanks to the Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). The electronic travel authorization for Canada allows you to enjoy the many activities offered by the country without applying for a visa.

For a stay of less than 6 months in Canada : You can carry out the formalities for entering Canada directly via the Internet by clicking on the online form. It is not necessary to obtain an appointment at the Canadian embassy or consulate.

Price comparison of Canada eTA and visa Canada

The eTA (electronic travel authorization), allows foreign nationals to be exempted from applying for a visa to go to Canada by air or transit before flying to another destination. Only nationals of the countries concerned by this system can benefit from this laissez-passer. The traveler must also be in possession of a valid passport and stay in Canada for a maximum of 6 months. Advantage of the eTA: it is valid for five years, which allows you to return to visit Canada as many times as you wish while respecting the time allowed for each visit (6 months maximum). On the other hand, do not expect to be able to work in Canada, live there, do an internship or study at a Canadian university with an eTA. If this is your goal, you must apply for a PVT (Working Holiday Permit) or a visa.

It is sometimes complicated to obtain a visa for a vacation in Canada. Indeed, the Canadian government must respect issuance quotas. This is why the conditions are difficult to fulfill (in particular providing proof of high financial resources). The steps (the request and the creation of the file with the necessary documents) and the response time are long and the price is higher than for an eTA Canada. The price of a temporary visa for Canada is 100 to 150 $ CAN, which represents a real budget compared to the price of the eTA Canada, especially if you are going with several people! For more information on the Canadian visa, do not hesitate to visit the website of the Canadian Embassy.

As you will have understood, to discover Canada, taste specialties such as poutine or shepherd’s pie (similar to our shepherd’s pie, but with corn), we strongly advise you to apply for an AVE Canada, because the price is much lower than that of a visa. Toronto (the most cosmopolitan city!), Quebec, Ottawa and Vancouver are waiting for you!

Order a Canada eTA and know its price

If several of you are going on this trip to Canada, be aware that it is not yet possible to make a group request and pay the eTA Canada fare for several people at once. Applications are made one by one, individually, and eTA fees must be paid separately.

The documents required to apply are: all the passports you need (check their validity) and a payment card. To apply for your eTA online, you have two options:

After completing your form as carefully as possible, you will be asked for a sum in order to definitively validate your request.

Going through the Canadian government website, you will be asked to pay the sum of CAN$7 (Canadian dollars). If you request the services of a private platform, additional fees will apply, but the price is still attractive!

A response is delivered to your e-mail in a few minutes generally. However, don’t worry, if you haven’t received an immediate response, it may take a few days.

Once your Canada eTA has been validated, you can fly to Canada. Be aware, however, that only the customs officer, on site, decides whether you can set foot on Canadian soil or not.

Here is our last advice to travelers now that you know the price of the AVE Canada: before leaving for Canada, do not forget to think about travel insurance in case of a problem and a chapka if you fly away in winter.

Here we go, enjoy your stay in Canada!