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Canada hosts the Winter X Games for 3 years

If you are a fan of extreme sports and you like festival atmospheres, the X Games are for you! Organized and broadcast in the United States, the games can now take place in Canada, in the city of Calgary. A godsend for travelers wishing to discover the country of maple syrup while enjoying the unmissable event that is the X Games.

The essential competitions of the X Games

The X Games are an annual competition of several extreme sports, broadcast in 140 countries. First introduced by the United States in summer sports games “Summer X Games”, the company ESPN then introduced the Winter X games in front of the growing success.

The Winter X Games are an event not to be missed for every self-respecting snowboarder and freestyle skier! The best athletes of the year are rewarded with a gold, silver and bronze medal.

This winter event is known worldwide thanks to the many competitions, each more thrilling than the next, but also for its festive atmosphere.

Since 2010, an X Games Europe version has seen the light of day (moreover in France for several years).

A strengthened tourist heritage

The province of Alberta has obtained exclusive rights to host the first X Games in Canada and allows Calgary to become the first Canadian city to join the organization of the X Games.

According to representatives of the province, the city has the authorization to host the X games for at least three consecutive years and hopes to be able to organize events in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ricardo Miranda, said “”these games are an investment in our future, both in tourism, culture, sport, development and diversification of our economy.”, they will reinforce the heritage of the city of Calgary and of Alberta as a winter sports destination.

The economic advantage

Considered a must-attend winter event, the games attract thousands of spectators each year and feature the best extreme sports athletes from around the world.

Canada estimates that the X games could attract around 75,000 spectators and 75 million dollars per year! A significant economic spinoff that “supports travel and tourism, economic development, spin-off businesses like restaurants and hotels across the community,” said the Mayor of the City of Calgary.

The games will introduce a new audience to Calgary and inspire the next generation of athletes to watch the games.

Although the Canadian government has committed a large sum to allow the hosting of the global event (13.5 million), tourism officials claim that the games will create around 540 jobs per year. A 14-story tower will be built at Stampede Park to accommodate part of the events, the other part will take place at WinSport Olympic Park.

If this sporting event interests you, don’t wait any longer and organize your trip to Canada (don’t forget your AVE application) .