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Visa for Canada


The Canadian government wants to attract more foreign students

International students represent a significant economic interest for the Canadian economy. According to a study by federal authorities, foreign students generated $15.5 billion in 2016. For this reason, the Canadian administration wants to increase the number of international students.
For a stay of less than 6 months in Canada : You can carry out the formalities for entering Canada directly via the Internet by clicking on the online form. It is not necessary to obtain an appointment at the Canadian embassy or consulate.

Promoting the Canadian education system to foreign students

The Canadian education system continues to attract young foreigners. While in 2000 more than 100,000 study permits were issued, this figure surpassed the 500,000 mark in 2018. In order to reinforce this dynamic, the federal government has set a total budget of $148 million, over five years, devoted to international education.

To define the overall strategy to adopt in order to attract foreign students en masse, the government and representatives of Canadian universities meet regularly to discuss the directions to take.

Promoting diversity within Canadian institutions of study

Today, a large proportion of foreign students come from India and China. However, Canada is seeing more and more students arriving from high-growth countries, as is the case for Vietnam. In addition, you should know that the federal authorities are seeking to go even further in terms of diversity. Emphasis will be placed in particular on emerging countries or on regions strongly represented by young people, this is the case, for example, of Colombia or certain African countries.

But the economic aspect is not the only element to take into account, indeed, according to Jim Carr, the Minister of International Trade, international students contribute to the influence of Canada internationally. According to him, “they experience good Canadian institutions” and act as “true ambassadors of Canada” when they return to their countries of origin. In addition, this device also makes it possible to attract young talents to Canadian territory following higher education. It is also common for them to settle permanently in Canada and thus contribute to the development of the national economy.

Study in Canada: Apply for a study permit

If you too are tempted to go study abroad, the country of Maple may be for you. However, for your university studies, you will first need to obtain a study permit , regardless of the institution of study (Laval University, University of Sherbrooke, University of Ottawa, Hec Montreal, etc.). The study permit is a document issued by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Before applying for your study permit, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for this document to study in Canada . As such, the future student must:

To apply for a study permit, all you have to do is fill out an online or hard copy form. For this last option, the form must be sent to the visa processing office, located at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate General.